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The oocyte donation program is addressed to

  • Women with premature menopause or at a menopausal state.
  • Couples that have previously unsuccessful IVF cycles, where the woman’s oocytes were used.
  • Couples with a history of miscarriages, following IVF or natural conception.
  • Couples with poor oocyte quality.
  • Couples with an inherited disorder that runs in the woman’s family.
  • Women with low or no ovarian response to stimulation.
  • Women over the age of 40 years.

In all the cases above, oocyte donation increases the chances of a successful result.

All the couples that are interested in oocyte donation are informed about:

  • Legal details regarding oocyte donation according to the Greek law 3305/2005.
  • The age limit (the woman shouldn’t be over 50 years old) that concerns all assisted reproduction techniques, as well as the anonymity that covers both parties (donor and recipient).
  • The tests that the couple needs to have done before the procedure, which are the following: HIVI and HIVII, hepatitis B and C, syphilis.
  • All the stages concerning the procedure (oocyte retrieval, fertilisation, the recipient’s endometrium preparation, embryo culture and transfer).

A sperm sample is received from the husband/male partner in the lab, which is analysed for the fertilisation of the donor’s oocytes. In cases of couples that live outside Athens or abroad there is the option of cryopreserving the sperm sample. The embryos are either transferred fresh to the recipient, if the endometrium is suitably prepared, or are cryopreserved and transferred when the recipient completes the therapy for the endometrium preparation.

Donor checks

All the candidates for donating oocytes are checked for:

  • Possible family and medical history
  • Education level, family and psychological status
  • The good medical condition of the donor is confirmed. Her appearance (height, weight, hair and eye colour, body type) as well as the blood group are checked. The donor age does not exceed 30 years.
  • Before the beginning of the procedure the donor is informed for the procedure, legal details, medical regime, safety and length of the procedure. The donor signes the suitable document for consent.

The medical and genetic testing of the donor is performed before the procedure, that includes: vaginal ultrasound to check the ovaries, PAP (smear) test, blood test for HIVI and II, hepatitis B and C, cardiogram, blood test and Rhesus, cystic fibrosis, thalassemia, hormonal analysis.

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