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Premature ovarian failure, high FSH and DHEA

Recognition of our efforts in the administration of DHEA for the reduction of FSH both in Greece and internationally. Professor Pierre Lehmann of McGill University, Montreal,  in his work “ Ovarian rejuvenation with dehydroepiandrosterone prior to a modified natural in vitro fertilization cycle: A new hope in premature ovarian insufficiency”, reaches  the same results as ours.

In his work, he admits that our pioneering use of DHEA to reduce FSH has opened up new pathways in the treatment of premature ovarian failure with DHEA. “Mamas and Mamas demonstrated that the use of DHEA lowers endogenous FSH. This opens the door for the therapeutic use of DHEA for POI patients. ” This greatly honors us and is a vindication of our efforts and of the concern we had at the start of the new treatment. The experience gained in the 11 years of treatment is valuable.

We have considered the results of this pioneering treatment significant and published them in reputable international medical journals where they are recognized and accepted.

Today, 35% of IVF centers have been integrated the administration of DHEA into their regimens.

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