Over the last decades and especially since 1978 when Louise Brown, the first “tube baby”, was born, reproductive medicine has boomed, introducing impressive and frequently revolutionary techniques for the treatment of human subfertility, offering hope to couples, who are in reproductive age, to deal with their problem successfully, not only with IVF but also with ICSI according to their individual problem.

The aim of our Unit is the administration of high quality medical care to couples with infertility problems, applying most of the latest and up to date methods of assisted reproduction. In the friendly environment of our Unit, each case is approached scientifically but also in a simple and comprehensive manner so all couples face the procedure of the chosen technique without fear but with trust and enthusiasm. Our belief is that the well-informed couple participates constructively in the procedure of the treatment by making the best and informed choice. Most of the current treatments in Obstetrics and Gynaecology are also provided in our Centre such as annual follow up for women (Pap test, breast examination), hormonal assessment, pregnancy monitoring etc. Always trying to offer the best services possible, our Centre has continuous operating hours on a daily basis, allowing the couples to chose a convenient for them visiting time.


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