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Pregnancy rates ICSI and IVF

For ICSI and IVF the pregnancy rates may be as high as 65% per cycle in women below the age of 35 and when the embryo transfer is performed on day 5 post-fertilisation on the blastocyst stage, 36% in women of age between 36 and 40 years and 25% in women between the age of 41 and 45. These are results of IVF cycles without preimplantation genetic screening (PGS). They are expected to increase following IVF with PGS.

Pregnancy rates from oocyte donation

The pregnancy rates following IVF with oocyte donation and embryo transfer at the blastocyst stage reach 65% per cycle.

Pregnancy rates of intrauterinetuboperitoneal sperm insemination (IUTPI)

With the new method of sperm insemination, IUTPI, the pregnancy rates reach 28 to 30% per cycle.

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