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Oocyte donation gives joy to women who even though really want to become mother, they have failed due to medical reasons with a great physical and psychological cost. Oocyte donors are the reason other women feel the pleasure of holding their baby in their arms. The procedure does not affect the donor’s fertility and ability to become pregnant.

According to Greek Law oocyte donation is anonymous

In our Centre we operate an oocyte donation program. You may become a donor if your age does not exceed 30 years.

During your first visit to our Centre you will have a thorough description and discussion on the procedure by the fertility doctor. A gynaecological exam will also take place, as well as hormonal and medical tests. Following that you will be given detailed instructions on your medication for the ovarian stimulation that lasts around 10 days.During this time period you will be required to visit the Centre about three times.

The egg collection is performed under mild anaesthesia or sedation. The procedure is safe and quick. After that you will remain at the Centre for a few hours for monitoring, until you feel good and the doctor checks you.
At the beginning of the procedure you will sign a special consent form that you can recall at any point before the use of the oocytes.

You will be reimbursed for the travel and stay costs, as well as for any work hours that you miss because of the procedure.

Our oocyte donation program is based on equal treatment toward the donor and the recipient. Throughout the procedure the same attentive care is provided to both.

If you wish to become an oocyte donor please contact the Centre at 210 6828150-2 during working hours.

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