Oligoasthenospermia and sperm pooling

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Sperm pooling and the new method of insemination IUTPI in the treatment of oligoasthenospermia.

Previous studies agree that a direct relationship between the number of spermatozoa and sperm insemination success rate exists.
The aim of this innovative yet simple treatment is to increase, by two to three times, the final number of spermatozoa to be used for IUTPI through which spermatozoa are ‘pushed’ to reach the sites of fertilization.
In an attempt to improve the sperm count, many hormonal therapies have been proposed to couples suffering from oligoasthenospermia, but they have been shown to be both time consuming and not entirely effective.
In our Centre, the method of sperm pooling when applied with IUTPI has been used in for women who had previous unsuccessful IVF attempts due to oligoasthenospermia and were looking for milder and more cost effective solutions.
Results so far have been very encouraging and have been presented in many International and National medical and scientific congresses.

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